In March of 2022, home prices in the U.S. saw a 13.5% increase, bringing the average home price up to $405,000.

With higher home values, it’s important to get your real estate listing noticed. But selling a home can be a challenge and the wait-and-see game can be exhausting the longer your house sits on the market.

So how can you get your property listings the attention they deserve? One of the best ways to do this is through professional listing photos. Professional photos offer many great benefits for selling a home, which we will discuss in this guide. 

If you’re a real estate agent in the Houston area looking to boost your property listings, keep reading below to find out all the ways professional residential real estate photos can help you.

1. Professional Listing Photos Enhance Internet Search Results

In the modern era, the internet is an advanced tool for aiding in the search for a home. In 2022, nearly 98% of millennials use internet searches to find their ideal home, so it makes sense that you would want to meet a majority of your potential home buyers where they already are online.

When search engines can display entire search results through photos alone, this amplifies your need to rely on the incorporation of professional photos for searching. It may be disheartening to hear, but only 20%-28% of buyers actually read the real estate listing description while the rest focus on the listing photos.

No matter how good your description is, it simply can’t compare. Your listing photos are the key area to set your sights on.

2. Professional Photos Make a Better First Impression

Attention spans are waning as short and sweet photo and video media content takes over. In your life at some point, you’ve probably heard that it takes just 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Your real estate listing is no different.

Property listings are the introduction and listing photos are the face you put out there to sell a home. You only have a matter of seconds to make your real estate listing have a good impression on a potential homebuyer.

Professional photos can help you achieve this with high-quality digital images. These professional photos have a lasting impact.

3. Using Professional Photos Helps Sell Houses Faster

Your listing photos do all of the leg work for you to showcase the features of a real estate listing even before an Open House or tour takes place, so utilize this to your full advantage. Real estate listings with minimal or poorly taken photos won’t attract the attention you want for selling a home. 

A real estate listing with professional photos can sell up to 32% faster than those without. Skimping on listing photos will only make your real estate listing sit on the market for much longer. This drains precious time and resources you can devote elsewhere.

Professional listing photos are an investment to ensure your house sells faster and easier.

4. Skilled Photographers Enhance the Home’s Best Qualities

Today, almost anyone can take high-quality photos with their phone’s camera, but professional listing photos go beyond that. Skilled photographers can see all of the subtle nuances of a home’s features and qualities. They can truly capture the essence of a home and create the best possible shots.

Professional photographers know about the juxtaposition between light and dark. They understand how to take the best angles of each room and how the contrast and composition balance. They can even capture the home at different times of day to showcase its beauty.

If you want your real estate listing to wow, using a professional real estate photography company is the way to go.

5. High Definition Photos Help Property Listings Sell for More Money

Data from Redfin has shown that a real estate listing that used professional listing photos could actually get a higher asking price per square foot. As much as 47% higher than the original asking price. 

For higher-priced homes, your professional listing photos can garner you more high-end clientele who were won over by these photos and will be more than willing to pay top dollar for a real estate listing.

This means that selling a home can be even more profitable with the right residential real estate photos leading the way.

6. Quality Real Estate Photos Increase Shareability on Social Media

With over 270.1 million social media users in the U.S. alone, this can have a huge impact. Friends and family members of an individual selling a home or buying a home will join in the search scouring the web for the perfect real estate listing. Once they find an ideal listing, they will share it online.

For a house that has been sitting on the market, this exposure on a real estate company’s social media page can be beneficial in getting even more interest for a potential real estate listing.

With enough attention, you’ll have multiple offers pouring in. Even with a few lookie-loos, you’re bound to receive some solid offers. 

7. Real Estate Photographers Use the Latest Technology

Technology has brought so many great advances to residential real estate photos. Now your listing photos can really come to life.

3-D and 360º photo and video tours enhance the overall experience of the standard listing photos approach. 360º photo tour features became a huge part of the real estate market in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic as a way for homebuyers to see a house safely. 

Drones are now used for real estate photography. Drone-operated cameras allow for a sweeping aerial view of all areas of the house and yard from above for a bird’s eye view. 

Even a virtual staging option is available. You can remove excess clutter digitally to create a picturesque photo op or add digital furnishings to fill out a vacant space with ease.

8. Real Estate Photography Saves Real Estate Agents Time

Real estate agents have enough on their plate as it is managing all of the many facets of selling a house. The painstaking process of taking listing photos can strain already overworked agents and take away time from attending to their potential homebuyers.

Using professional real estate photography services takes the guesswork out of getting perfect listing photos for property listings. It also frees up more valuable time for the real estate agent to tend to the finer details. The use of professional photos streamlines the home buying and selling process.

Sell Your Home with Quality Real Estate Photos from 154 Photography Houston

Selling a home can be a challenge, even for a seasoned real estate agent. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your listing photos should help speak for your real estate listings with the utmost detail. 

154 Photography in Houston, serves the Dallas Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston areas of Texas. Our talented team of real estate photography professionals utilizes the latest in photographic technology that brings your listing photos to life. 

Enhanced photo quality and attention to detail will make your real estate listing stand out. 

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