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General Questions

How many photos should I except on a photo session?2022-06-20T19:47:02-05:00

This really varies on the home, we try to provide the following amount of photos per home:

1,299 sqft and under 15-20 Photos
1,3000 – 2,999 sqft 20-30 Photos
3,000 – 4,449 sqft 30-40 Photos
4,500 – 6000 sqft 40-50 Photos
4,500 – 6000 sqft 50+ Photos

How long does the Matterport remain live?2022-06-20T19:46:45-05:00

The Matterport tour remains live during the life of the listing. Additional time is billed at $50/yr.

What kind of license do the photos and videos come with?2020-06-21T01:28:10-05:00

By accepting these photographs and/or videos, the client agrees that it owns a license to use the photographs and/or videos provided for the duration that the client is the listing agent for the property. The client further agrees that 154 Photography is and will remain the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout the world, to all of these photographs and/or videos and any copies of any of these photographs and/or videos. The client further agrees that he/she will not use the photographs and/or videos for any of the following reasons: 1) in an unlawful manner, 2) in any trademark, design, logo, or other mark unless expressly provided in writing by 154 Photography 3) in any good or products where the photographs and/or videos are the primary value, 4) any alteration of the photographs and/or videos, and 5) in any kind of sublicense without the prior written permission of 154 Photography.

How does the process work?2020-06-21T01:32:33-05:00

Our process is easy and efficient.

  • Schedule a Photography Session: Book Now Online, Call Us (281-357-9900) or E-mail Us (
  • At the Time of your Session: We’ll show up at our scheduled time
  • What’s Next: Within 24 hours you will have your photos available to select
  • Using your Photos: We’ll upload the photos for you directly to the MLS
  • Repeat Business: we work exceptionally hard to gain your trust and strive to be your #1 choice for Real Estate Photography

Scheduling The Appointment

How soon can you take my photos?2020-06-21T01:26:46-05:00

Our helpful online calendar lets you know our next available opening. If you’re in need of a date the is not available please contact us directly at 281-357-9900 or e-mail us at

What is your travel range?2020-06-21T01:25:47-05:00

We serve all of greater Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Montgomery & beyond.

How can I change my scheduled date or time?2020-06-21T01:25:13-05:00

Please contact our office at 281-357-9900 or e-mail us at

How do I schedule a appointment?2020-06-21T01:25:26-05:00

Click on ‘Schedule Now‘ as shown on all pages.

Or call our office at 281-357-9900 during normal business hours (7am-10pm) – alternatively, please feel free to e-mail us at

Prior To The Appointment

How should I prepare for my appointment?2020-06-21T01:29:51-05:00

To ensure your photographs are taken in a timely manner and with the highest quality, please make sure that:

    • Kitchen & bathroom countertops are cleared and there are no dishes or sponges left in or around the sink 
    • Trash bins are hidden in a closet or garage
    • All lights are turned on (fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, and lamps- *please make sure all lamp bulbs are working!*)
    • All toilets are closed, hand towels and bathrobes are folded or removed and countertop toiletries are stored away, with toilet paper rolls either removed or replaced with full rolls
    • All beds are made and laundry is stored out of sight
    • Children’s toys and pet’s toys and food/water bowls are hidden or stored neatly
    • Ceiling fans are not spinning but with lights turned on (if possible)
    • Driveways are cleared of all vehicles or other obstructions
    • Gate access codes are sent ahead of time, including lockboxes and keypads 
    • Guardhouses are called ahead of your appointment if the community is gated

During The Appointment

Do I need to be present for the photo appointment?2020-06-21T01:27:19-05:00

The seller/agent can be present for the photo appointment, however, it is not necessary or required. All of our photographers have access to SUPRA lockboxes.

Do I need to be present during a photography session?2020-06-21T01:25:39-05:00

Absolutely not. Our team has Supra Access and is able to open the property and complete the photography session as needed.

However, should you choose to be present, feel free.

After The Appointment

Can you upload directly to my MLS listing?2020-06-21T01:27:54-05:00

Absolutely, just let us know the MLS# when you place the order and our team can correctly size and upload for you to save you time.

How quickly will I receive my photos?2020-06-21T01:27:41-05:00

Generally within 24 hours of the completed appointment.

We have a unique process where our artists start working on your pictures generally with a few moments of one of our photographers leaving your client’s house. This ensures we are not wasting time by having to travel back to our office and then needing to upload the photos when we could have several other more appointments that day.

Billing Questions

Can I pay with check?2020-06-11T03:44:22-05:00

We can accept check, payment must be made before the appointment is scheduled.

Please mail to:

PO Box 131430
Spring, TX 77393

What payment method do you accept?2020-06-21T01:24:43-05:00

Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

We also accept Check, which must be paid at the time or prior to a photography session.

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