When selling a home, using pictures of that home is absolutely vital. After all, without pictures of the property for buyers to browse, there’s nothing to draw buyers in. You can’t just dazzle them with words and expect people to put in bids; photographs are a necessity. 

Now, there are a number of different ways to get photographs of your property. For instance, you could take them yourself. But if you want to get the best pictures possible (and therefore the biggest draw possible), you should utilize professional real estate photography services. 

Wondering why, exactly, you should take advantage of professional real estate photography? Then read on. Here are the incredible benefits of Houston real estate photography

The Use of High-Quality Equipment

The first benefit we’re going to discuss is the benefit of high-quality equipment. Professional real estate photographers aren’t just taking off-the-cuff pictures with their phones. They’re setting up a variety of different equipment as a means of optimizing the photo’s lighting, focus, and other attributes. 

Now, you could purchase this equipment for yourself. However, in doing so, you would be shelling out hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. Unless you have plans to use the equipment in the future, this would be money poorly spent. 

Some of the equipment needed to take high-quality real estate photos includes a high-resolution camera, a tripod, synthetic lighting devices, and editing software. Mind you, this is only a small portion of what’s actually needed. 

By hiring a professional to take your pictures for you, you get to take advantage of all of this equipment but without having to pay anything towards it. So, in essence, you’re not just hiring the photographer but all of the photographer’s expensive and effective resources. 

Well-Lit Photographs

When it comes to real estate photography, lighting can make all the difference. Whereas a dark and dingy-looking room is bound to turn off potential buyers, a bright and lively-looking room is bound to draw them in. As such, when taking real estate photographs, it’s vital that you get the lighting right. 

Unfortunately, this is probably more difficult than you realize. Enhancing the lighting within a photograph requires more than just opening a few blinds and turning on an additional lamp.

To get the lighting right, you must use the proper lighting equipment. In addition, you must position this equipment properly in order to illuminate the correct components within the shot. 

This isn’t something you just luck into. It requires a wealth of knowledge not to mention skill and experience. Do you know who has this knowledge, skill, and experience? A professional real estate photographer. 

Strategically Angled Photographs

One of the great things about photography is that you can take advantage of different angles as a means of changing a shot’s perspective. For instance, you can shoot from below as a means of making something look bigger. This allows for a great deal of variety, even when you’re taking pictures of, say, a table and a set of chairs. 

The issue is, amateur photographers often struggle with using the correct angles for the correct shots. As such, despite their best efforts, they end up with photographs that appear distorted and off-balance. 

This is where the help of a professional photographer really comes into play. Professional real estate photographers have taken thousands of photographs, and have experimented with angles of all kinds. Because of this, they know what works and what doesn’t work; in essence, they have the special touch. 

So, if you’re hoping for photos that display your home in as grand a manner as possible, you would be well-served by putting the task in the hands of a real estate photographer in Houston. 

A Good Return on Your Investment

Yes, it’s more expensive to hire a professional photographer than it is to take pictures on your own. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be more expensive in the long run. Let us explain. 

See, a professional-grade real estate photograph is specifically designed to appeal to potential buyers. It’s essentially optimized to draw in as many buyers as possible. 

An amateur photograph, on the other hand, doesn’t possess this optimization. It may look decent to you but it could very well be missing elements that are eye-catching or attention-grabbing. 

Now, what does this mean? It means that professional photographs are likely to result in more bids on your house. And because there are more bids on your house, it’s likely that your house will sell for more than it would have otherwise. 

So, in the end, using professional real estate photographs will provide you with a favorable return on your initial investment. You’ll spend more money on the pictures but, because of the quality of those pictures, you’ll likely make more money than you would have on the real estate transaction. 

Proper Editing

When it comes to good photography, the taking of the photograph is only half of the equation. The other half is editing. Editing can have a seismic effect on the photograph’s final form. 

Now, you could certainly attempt to edit your own photographs. There are all sorts of editing software out there for you to utilize. Some of these are even free online. 

However, if you have no experience in using this software, you’re more than likely going to use it incorrectly. You’ll likely overuse filters, add too much saturation, and make a variety of other mistakes. This is common amongst those who are just getting into photo editing. 

And this is exactly why you would be better served by turning to a professional real estate photographer. Real estate photographers have ample experience in both taking and editing real estate photos. As such, they know exactly how to edit a real state photo to perfection. 

Not to mention, they own the expensive software needed to facilitate this editing. That alone is an expense that you would do well to avoid. 


Another reason to utilize the services of a real estate photographer is that you’ll get to reap the benefits of photographic experience. The professional you hire will have hours and hours of real estate photography experience under their proverbial belt. This is vital, as experience allows a photographer to shake off common mistakes and perfect their techniques. 

Think about it: are you going to shoot 72 on your first round of golf? More than likely not. But with time, practice, and experience, you’ll be shooting 72 or lower on a regular basis. 

Real estate photography isn’t any different. You get better at it the more you do it. And this is why the photographs of a professional are almost certainly going to be better than the photographs of an amateur. 

So, unless you have hundreds and hundreds of hours of real estate photography experience on your side, make a simple choice and hand the task off to a trained pro. 

Proper Staging

The last benefit we’re going to discuss is the benefit of proper staging. See, taking real estate photographs isn’t just about getting the angles and the lighting right. It’s also about positioning items so that the photo is as informative and as pleasing to the eye as possible. 

In some cases, it’s even wise to place additional items within the realm of a photograph. For instance, you might place flowers on a table or a clock on the wall. These items can add a touch of style to the photo, making it all that more alluring. 

Of course, you could certainly attempt staging on your own. But what you might find is that it’s more difficult than it looks. This is where a trained real estate photographer can make a world of difference. 

Real estate photographers are well-versed in the intricacies of staging. They know where to place items, how to angle those items, how to space those items, and more. In essence, they know how to produce the right “feel” for the photograph. 

Rest assured, that “feel” can draw in a bevy of additional potential buyers. And, again, the more potential buyers you have, the more money you stand to make. 

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