Studies show that 41% of buyers look at properties for sale online before buying them. As a real estate broker, you need to invest in quality photos to stand out in the highly-competitive real estate market.

Good photography and real estate marketing strategy are crucial in property sales. Publishing excellent photos/videos of a property can generate interest. The images will also brand the property and build your credibility as an agent.

Every property listing needs 15 to 40 photos from different angles to attract buyers. Appreciating the value of photography in your work will set you up for success.

In this guide, you’ll discover the significance of professional photography in real estate marketing:

Helps You Stand Out Online

One thing you’ll notice with successful online stores is that they use professional photos on each product. All of the product photos are consistent and high-quality.

Professional photography is one of the powerful marketing tools you can leverage to attract more buyers. It can help attract clicks on a product and purchases. The images posted on the real estate listings will directly represent your brand as an agent.

You can use high-quality photos on your social media, website, or multiple listing service (MLS) to attract your target audience. In this case, your audience is buyers looking to buy a property and sellers looking to earn money from selling their properties.

The photos must be crisp, cropped well, and captured with wide-angle lenses. They should also give attention to detail by capturing items like clear counters and working faucets. Retaining the same real estate photographer for your property listings can improve your brand image.

Shows Off the Best Features of the Place

Many real estate agents like to think that interior and exterior photos are enough to market a property. Only choose the right images to showcase to your audience. The first photo on your website or listing service should reveal a shot that grabs attention.

Buyers no longer want to see basic real estate listing photos of properties captured from the same angles. You have to give them images that will let them take a deeper look at the property.

For instance, capturing that elegant stonework on the patio or luxurious flooring will entice buyers to the property. Your photographer should shoot the images at the right time of day when natural light is plenty. Shooting in dim light will result in shadows and other defects across the room.

Showcase beautifully trimmed lawns, bushes, and pruned trees to attract buyers. As you stage outdoor spaces for shooting, remember to revamp the landscaping, clean up and fix anything defective.

Saves You Time and Money

As a real estate agent, find a balance between helping people buy, sell and rent homes and finding opportunities to improve your brand.

Real estate photography can save you time when looking to post listings of properties online. You won’t have to worry about taking professional photos of the property since it will have already been handled.

It takes 2 to more than 10 hours to get striking photos for a listing. Most of this time is spent capturing the images, developing them, and creating videos. You don’t have the time to wait this long when you can hire a photographer to do the job.

Only consider a trustable real estate photographer from your locality. The specialist should have adequate experience in this work to save you time. In turn, you can free up your time to focus on other essential tasks.

A professional photography service also saves you money since you won’t need to buy the equipment required to capture pictures. Resist the temptation to use your smartphone camera to take photos. This is because smartphone cameras give limited control over an object and can’t zoom very far.

Makes People Appreciate the Property

Talking to a potential buyer about the features of a property you want to sell won’t help if you don’t back up the conversation with quality photos. You need to offer the buyers something that will move them. Hiring a photographer to bring out the best in your marketing campaign is a good idea.

The real estate photographer should understand the message you want to convey with the pictures. They should focus on every property detail to paint it in the best light. Potential buyers scan through photos on property listings to look for unique or interesting features.

Professional photos can help the buyer appreciate the beauty of the property you want to sell. They will also appreciate the architecture of the property and its amenities better. The more appreciation the images get online, the more the value of the home increases.

Life-like videos or pictures of the listing properties will help give a feel of the property. They also help form mental images of how it will feel to live in the home.

Attracts More Offers

Pairing your listing with a reasonable price tag and a strong marketing campaign can attract more offers. Your listing should look habitable for buyers to picture themselves inhabiting the home.

Ask the seller to declutter the space before scheduling the property for a professional shoot. Distractions can steal away attention from the home and make you appear less credible. The photos should make the buyers focus on attractive parts of the house to draw more offers.

Make the home look clean, homely, and natural before the shoot. The photographer has to capture photos from corners for buyers to see all of the home’s pictures in a single frame. They should observe the landscape to choose an angle that works well with the lighting source and gives a view of the rooms.

Properties Sell Faster

Use the professional photos from the shoot to create an interactive collection to attract potential buyers. The images can help you create social media content to advertise the property. People are more likely to come and visit the home if its photos are more compelling to them.

A high number of visits from prospective buyers will increase the chances of selling faster. The sales may attract referrals and, in turn, improve the reach of other listings that you manage. Photos are easily shareable and are crucial in word-of-mouth marketing.

In an era where home buyers rely on photos to make their buying decision, hiring a photographer is a good idea. However, the images will sell the most if they feature wide shots instead of closeups and look sharp and polished.

Attracts a Higher Selling Price

Professional real estate photography can add more value to a property. The service gives the property a more prestigious look. It also helps show off the amenities in the surrounding community to improve the home’s perceived value.

While most buyers consider the asking price as they make a buying decision, the home’s overall feel will help them decide how much to spend. If you post a high-end luxury listing, use professional images with twilight shots. Twilight shots are usually taken at dusk to capture a home’s exterior when the sky’s light balances well with the home’s lights.

Drone shots capture the property from unique perspectives. They also showcase the layout and size of the home and give buyers a picture of the community they want to own a home.

Photos Can Be Used Beyond The Listing

Photos from a professional real estate shoot can help you create your stock video and image content. You can use them to grow your portfolio even after the MLS removes traces of the listing once a sale is complete.

The photos can serve as media content for social networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. You may also use the video content on video-sharing platforms like Youtube. These platforms will host the images indefinitely for you to have a portfolio for your brand.

Printing out and framing the photos for office use can also put them to good use. You may hang some of the framed images on your office walls or add them to your promotional flyers. It’s also possible to use them as a reference when a potential buyer asks for your portfolio photos.

Ready to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy with Photos?

The key component of real estate marketing is stories told through mediums like photos. A professional photography service should let you tell a story and showcase the best features of a property. It should also help you attract more offers, sell the home faster and attract a higher selling price.

Count on 154 Photography to bring out the real beauty in the property you’re selling. Our photography team pays attention to detail in every work they do. Schedule a photo session with us to bring your next listing to life and give your clients the value they deserve.