Selling real estate is rarely an easy job. When you come to sell your properties, you’re always having to think about how they will be perceived in the eyes of the customer.

Finding the right angle for your photographs or the right parts of a property to accentuate can set you back hours and requires a real understanding of photography as well as the property itself. But what if we told you that there was an easier way to get quality marketing materials for your properties?

We’re not talking about hiring a photographer, per se, we’re talking about using drones for real estate.

But that’s easier said than done right, what do you know about drone photography? Well, you don’t have to know anything; the team here at 154 knows all there is to know about drone photography and filming.

Read on to find out the 10 greatest benefits of using aerial photography and drones to market your real estate and clinch those sales.

1. Using Drones for Real Estate: An Aerial Perspective

The first major benefit of taking aerial photographs is the very fact that they are, well, aerial.

You’re going to get an angle and perspective on your property that you could never have previously dreamed of. It’s impossible, unless you plan on hanging dangerously out of a helicopter, to get the photography perspective that a drone can in the air with a human photographer.

Drones have the ability to glide atop the whole of your property and provide a breathtaking view of the premises. The uniqueness of this angle will make your property immediately stand out compared with real estate that doesn’t feature aerial photographs.

This is a fundamental way in which your real estate firm can have an edge over others in the Houston area. It can emphasize many aspects of a property, from scale to materials used. But the aerial approach isn’t just unique, it provides a host of other advantages.

2. Aerial Photography Emphasises Your Property’s Location

An aerial view doesn’t just show off a unique side of your property itself, it’s also exceptionally helpful in advertising the area surrounding your property.

We don’t need to tell you the importance of location (location, location, location!) do we? There’s no better way to show off the surroundings of your property than by using drone photography from an aerial vantage point.

An experienced drone photographer will be able to angle the shot perfectly to get each bit of the surroundings in that you want to emphasize. Want the mountains in the distance to frame the shot? A drone can manage that.

Want to show the proximity of the center of a town or the convenient roadways linked to your property? Drones can do that too!

Don’t just market your property, market where your property is located compared with other properties in the area.

3. It’s a Trendy Approach

The beauty of aerial photography is that it’s having its moment in real estate right now. Many of the biggest companies across the U.S. have only recently realized the potential that drone photography affords them in marketing their properties.

By jumping on this trend, your company will appear on the cutting-edge of marketing real estate today. That can provide many benefits in its own right.

For starters, it makes your company look more professional in the eyes of customers, attracting more sellers and buyers to your company. It also heightens the look of the property itself, as the buyer can tell it is being managed by a company that’s got its finger on the pulse of real estate marketing today.

You don’t want to get left behind by all the other real estate developers in the Houston area. If you’re not adopting aerial photography, you run the risk of being seen as behind the times compared with companies that are adopting the trend.

4. They Provide a More Accurate Viewpoint

With ordinary photography, you end up settling for some questionable angles of your property. Rooms can feel a bit closed in because you’re stuck in the corner, or the front of a house looks mammoth because you’re taking a photo from a lower angle.

This can make a house look looming, intimidating, which makes a customer feel intimidated and as if they can’t afford the asking price. With drone photography, you get a more accurate view of a property.

You can take an aerial shot, which allows the whole house as well as the surrounding area to be in view. This places the property amidst its surroundings and ensures the overall feel of the property is more accurate to the naked eye.

Your buyers will feel the difference of this angle when they come to decide on whether or not they want to make that purchase. You could even situate a drone to take a photo through large windows, to get a unique view of that dream kitchen design.

5. Aerial Photography Isn’t Impeded by Physical Space

Drone photography allows a far more freeing photograph to be taken thanks to the flight involved. It means you can get a shot of a property from any angle or manage a point.

This is particularly important when you think about the physical space surrounding a property. For example, you could be advertising a lakefront property, but you can’t get a good angle of the facade of the house because you’d be standing waist-deep in water.

This is a problem that plagues lake-house marketing as well as coastal properties, country estates, and areas otherwise impeded by their surroundings. But with a drone, you can simply fly atop that body of water.

That means you can avoid the pitfalls of the physical space and still get high quality, unique photos to market your real estate to customers. This can help show off the WOW factor of your houses.

6. Aerial Photographs Don’t Have to be Static, Drone’s Can Take Videos Too!

The genius of using drones to create marketing materials is that they don’t just have to take static materials. Drones are also capable of taking short videos as well as photographs.

These are an increasingly trendy and popular way to market your real estate today. These videos can be included on your website, to give customers a moving idea of your property as well as the quality static photographs you’ve taken.

This can give customers a wider scope of what a property has to offer. The movement makes a property feel more alive, as if it exists in the world, and can help make buyers better imagine themselves living within it.

This diversification of your marketing materials also shows the professional capacity of your real estate company. It shows you’re not content with just listing photographs for a property, you’re going the extra mile because your properties deserve it.

7. The Statistics Support Drone and Aerial Photography

Another reason why you should be looking to utilize aerial photography is that the statistics support it.

Research has shown that 73% of home sellers today prefer to use an agent who is working with drones. This research, conducted by the reliable Photography For Real Estate body, also found that homes with aerial images are sold 68% faster than those without.

Not only that, but properties over 2 acres now use drone photography over half of the time. If your properties are over 2 acres and you’re not using drone photography, you’re going to be missing out on buyers compared with the properties who are adopting these drone photography techniques.

These statistics show the importance of adopting aerial photography when marketing your property today.

8. Aerial Photography is a Way of Competing Against Other Real Estate Companies

As we mentioned above, aerial photography is a growing trend when it comes to marketing real estate today. Because of that, adopting it can be a way of competing appropriately within your overall sector.

If your company is using drone photography and other companies aren’t, your company becomes more desirable. That’s the case both for individuals looking to sell their homes as well as those looking to buy. You can, therefore, use aerial photography, with the right business management in other areas, to turn a low volume agency into a high volume company.

With how challenging it can be today to compete in the sector, you need every advantage over your competitors possible to succeed and grow. Aerial photography is a great way of revolutionizing your marketing endeavors to appeal to a wider client base comparative to others in the Houston area.

9. Outsourcing Puts Your Photography in Expert Hands

Many companies are hesitant to adopt drone and aerial photography because they don’t know how to fly a drone themselves. There are many regulations involved as well as aspects to learn to fly a drone safely and effectively.

But that shouldn’t put you off, because there are experts on hand who you can outsource this work to. Your company can hire drone photographers who are specifically experienced in high-quality real estate aerial photography.

This way, you know that the photographs are being taken by qualified drone photographers who know how to get the best shot of your property possible. It also means you don’t have to learn any challenging new techniques in terms of drone flying or change your marketing team model in any way.

In fact, aerial photography is a good aspect of marketing to outsource as a means of accentuating your current marketing initiatives. It can serve as an enhancement on the amazing work your team already do, to give your properties that extra little push when it comes to advertising to buyers.

10. It’s a Personal Look For Your Property That Tells a Story

For the final benefit of drone photography, we need to go back to the main reason why you should adopt them today; the photographs themselves.

Aerial photography adds a dreamy, personal look to any property. It can feel as if you are hovering ahead, surveying the land, and the home that could one day be yours. It makes a buyer feel closely connected to a space, which is vital particularly when selling high-priced properties.

When it comes to selling properties with acres of land, aerial photography is essential. Otherwise, there’s no way for your buyers to feel connected to the land, or to truly understand the scale of the space they’ll be buying.

Aerial photography, more than anything else, can tell a story about your property. It can show all of the benefits of the exterior space and all the areas in which your buyers will be living if they choose to invest.

There’s a reason why it’s become the latest tool in real estate marketing; because it works. Aerial photographs are the future of selling property, and you need to be jumping on the bandwagon towards increased sales before it leaves you behind.

Where Can I Find Out More About Aerial Photography?

Now you know the 10 greatest benefits of using drones for real estate marketing purposes. As you can see by these points, drone photography can advertise the scale of your property in a way that no other methods can currently manage.

Not only that, but it’s proven by the statistics to be a professional way to market your company, and as a means of standing out from other companies in your area. But we know you likely have far more questions about aerial photography, from how it works to how you can get involved.

Whatever your questions, the team here at 154Photography can help. We’re experts when it comes to all facets of aerial photography, with specific expertise in using drones to market real estate.

If you want to know how 154 can help you attain new buyers, or attract new property sellers, then you can order one of our real estate photography packages today. We provide photography and video services no matter the property and are committed to showing the world the finest side of your locations there is.