They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it may be worth $1000 too. Real estate agents know this all too well, as 74% of them will hire a real estate photographer. They know the power real estate photography has and how it will drive more traffic to their listings.

As a real estate agent, every tool in your toolbox helps. Our world is becoming so much more visual, so you’ll want to tap into this. Potential home buyers expect to see high-quality listing photos, so you’ll want to ensure you deliver.

With a professional real estate photography service on your side, you will see what a difference it makes. To learn more reasons why you should hire a real estate photography service, read our guide below.

Make a Good First Impression

A listing agent needs to realize that making a good first impression matters in the real estate business. This means paying attention to your listing photos big time.

Shooting something with your smartphone and uploading it without much thought or foresight won’t do you any good. While this may be tempting since it’s in your pocket, free, and easy, we strongly advise against it. When you take a professional stance when it comes to real estate photography, the results will pay for themselves.

Put yourself in the potential home buyer’s shoes. Depending on their emotional response, you may only have about 20 seconds to make a lasting impression. You want something to stand out from the crow in this competitive industry.

Attracts Quality Buyers

These days, most potential home buyers will conduct their home search online. A lot of the leg work and guesswork is done beforehand. One of the first things these potential home buyers will do is look at the property’s listing photos.

If the real estate listing doesn’t have any professional photos at all, they will not even waste their time. A listing agent must realize the power of hiring a professional real estate photography service.

Build Your Brand

Using the same real estate photography service for all of your listings will create a consistent look throughout. The consistent look will also help real estate agents show their worth to prospects.

Seasoned real estate agents will tend to have a developed marketing strategy. By having a go-to real estate photographer, they can hone in our their marketing practices and establish rapport and confidence in the industry.

Focus on Features

Real estate photography is all about highlighting the home’s best features and selling points. If there is anything you’d rather them avoid, be sure to let them know.

Once you develop a selling strategy for the property, you can let the real estate photographer know. They’ll know what attributes to showcase and which to minimize.

Setting the Stage

Every detail helps to set the stage right. Adding a fresh coat of paint and pulling weeds will boost curb appeal. Advise your clients to set the interior to appeal to a wide ring of buyers as well.

Once staged properly, the real estate photographer will come in at the right time of day to capture the perfect mood for the home. They’ll also move items around the room to create feelings of coziness, grandeur, and charm.

Trigger the Right Emotions

Never forget that home buying is an emotional game. You want to garner a feeling of excitement and have them feel like they’re buying their dream home. You can achieve this by triggering some sort of emotional response through the listing photos.

Benefits the Realtor

Hiring the right real estate photography service means big benefits for the realtor. This includes saving time, a tighter team, a level of professionalism, speed, and return.

You can free up a lot of time that you would have spent shooting, editing, and posting. Leave it to the professionals to handle that as you focus on other aspects of the listing or with clients.

Having a real estate photographer on your team is one more professional you can pitch to prospective clients. When meeting with these prospective clients, you can show them sample listings with the high-quality listing photos you provide.

Be ready for your listings to sell quicker too. Clients will be a lot happier, and your time will be freed up too. This means more clients and a higher ROI (return on investment) for you.

Higher Quality Results

Going all in on real estate photography bodes well for everyone involved. This is because a real estate photographer will scout a property before a shoot. They know how to get the right angles, how to light properly, and compose the correct composition for each shot.

Having the right type of listing photos will help a potential buyer to see themselves in the home. It will establish the type of lifestyle you’re attempting to sell.

One way your team can set themselves apart from the rest is through drone photography and videography. With drone shots, you can highlight a unique layout or particular outdoor quality. The drone operator will be able to tell a story of the home, which will attract more people to the listing.

In addition to drone photography, there is also 3D, Matterport video, and virtual staging. Use as many of these tools as you can to achieve positive results!

Snap Some Real Estate Photography Into Sales

Having our real estate photography service on your side will bode well for you and your team. You can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals so that you can focus on what you do best.

Get ready to attract a lot more clients. If you’re unsure of who to hire for your real estate photography, we’re here to help. Order real estate photography with 154 photography today!