Are you looking for the right real estate photographer to help you take great shots of your listing and attract more clients?

There are numerous benefits of working with a seasoned and reputable real estate photographer. An expert photographer can help you make your home listings as attractive as possible, capturing the attention of your target market and ultimately enhancing your lead generation efforts.

With over 2 million real estate agents in the U.S. today, succeeding in this industry can be challenging if you don’t do things right. Fortunately, working with a reputable Austin real estate photography service is one of the best ways to stand out in this crowded and saturated market. However, most real estate agents don’t know how to find the right photographer to help them.

If you are in the market for a real estate photographer, the following are essential factors to consider before hiring a real estate photography service in Austin.

Start Your Search Online

Some real estate agents prefer taking their property shots and posting them on their websites and social media pages. While this is a great way to save money, it’s time-consuming and challenging. The best way to get amazing pictures of your listing is to hire a veteran photographer.

Start your search online and look at what other real estate agents in your area are using. If you see any with great photos that make their listings attractive, check if they have photo credits on the posts. Contact the credited photographer to find out if they can also take photos of your listing.

You can also check online for professional real estate photography services near you. This is the easiest way to find different photography companies and network with top photographers. You can also join virtual social networks that real estate photographers are involved with.

Thanks to the internet, many online communities are where renowned photographers specializing in different sectors interact. These include the Real Estate Photographers of America and International, Dribble, CiclePix, and Obeo. Once you join these networks, start looking for candidates that best fit your needs and budget.

Check the Quality of Their Photos

This is one of the most essential factors to consider before hiring any service. Does the photographer’s quality of work match what you need? Different photographers produce different qualities of work for the same type of service.

Some photographers are quite amateurish, even though they could be charging a fortune. On the other hand, others will do a highly professional job, producing amazing photographs that could even be used in interior design magazines. Never settle for a photographer based on their price.

Most agents often make the mistake of assuming that the pricier the photography services are, the better quality work they will deliver. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Always check the quality of their work instead of the monetary value of the house you’re looking to sell.

Does the type of work they deliver match your brand? Ensure you settle for a photographer with high-quality work. Their photos should match what you would like your potential clients to think of your brand.

Would you like to be a high-end real estate agent that offers clients the best services possible? If so, you need to hire a great photographer whose work quality will reflect your business. Always avoid settling for the cheapest photographer available.

Their Price

While it’s always advisable not to settle for a photographer solely based on their charges, pricing is still an essential factor to consider. Understand that photographers charge different prices for their products for a reason. The photographers at the lowest end of the pricing scale are there for a reason.

Maybe they are new to the industry and don’t have enough experience to charge a premium rate, or they don’t understand the industry so well. Alternatively, they could be bad at their job and feel they need to charge accordingly. Even if you are working on a tight budget, make sure you check the quality of their work.

When you skip the photographers at the bottom of the pricing scale and go for slightly more expensive ones, you will likely find one who is more experienced and better suited to handling your business. And experience means that they can easily handle demanding homeowners and overcome any challenging photographic situations to bring you the best pictures of your listing. This is the professional you want to join your team.

Check Their Location

Location is critical when looking for a photographer. You want a photographer located in Austin to avoid costly travel expenses. These expenses could easily add up and surpass your budget, leaving you frustrated.

Additionally, you should also consider the type of photographer you want. Would you prefer to hire a large international real estate photographer or a local photographer with a smaller organization? Choosing between the two can be very challenging.

However, it’s advisable to do your research beforehand. Most large-scale professional real estate photography companies often pay their employees minimum wages, resulting in very high turnover. Because of this, it can be challenging to get more personalized service.

You will probably not even know which photographer will turn up to take the pictures of your home listings. Such companies are also notorious for their little to no investment in ensuring their clients get high-quality services. Their main objectives are money and getting the job done as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, more local and small-scale photographers will guarantee excellent service. Because they run their own businesses, they will likely have more to lose if they deliver a subpar service. Hence, they often work hard to ensure their clients are satisfied.

These photographers then become people you know and work with long-term. This means they will get to know your preferences and specific needs. Creating this type of partnership is essential for your business, making it very valuable. You will also greatly benefit from having a photographer who is committed to delivering excellent results.

Test Your Chemistry with Them

Before hiring a photographer, make sure you can work well with them. Make an appointment to test your chemistry. It’s great to work with a reputable real estate photographer, but if they are arrogant, poor at communicating, or challenging to work with, it’s challenging to create a valuable business relationship.

The best way to avoid such problems is to ensure you partner with a compatible photographer. They should also be flexible and easy to work with. The last thing you need is to stress over your photographer.

They Should Understand the Real Estate Market in Your Area

As a real estate agent, you should work with a photographer who knows the ins and outs of the market. This is extremely valuable because they know what is trending and what makes your listings stand out.

They also know which features the buyers in your area appreciate and what is going on in the market. Therefore, they can create photos and images that will best capture the best features of your listings.

Check How They Handle Challenges

Everyone knows that no photoshoot goes according to plan. In most cases, the weather may not cooperate, the homeowner may not be ready, or the house is arranged in a funny-looking way. Fortunately, most photographers can maintain their professionalism and handle simple situations. However, others can’t cope with a simple lighting problem.

Such a photographer will leave you with low-quality photos. Make sure the photographer you choose can handle the situation if things go wrong. They should be able to take care of everything and make it right.

This doesn’t mean you choose a photographer whose solution to everything is Photoshop. Sometimes this doesn’t work either. In most cases, it may not be possible to get rid of a big mess with Photoshop. This means getting a real estate photographer who will work tirelessly hard to make the situation better when things are not perfect.

Their Communication Skills

Working with a photographer with poor communication skills can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, you may be pushed to do things quickly, or you may be working with a homeowner and need the photoshoot booked immediately. This is when you need to communicate with your photographer and get prompt responses.

If they aren’t responding quickly or you can’t get them on the phone, it makes your work as a real estate agent quite tricky. But keep in mind that photographers are humans too, and they have other clients. While they can’t respond within two minutes, they should get back to you as soon as they can.

Are You Looking for a Reputable Austin Real Estate Photography Service?

Working with the right photographer can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Good-quality images of your listings are the hallmark of any great realtor. If you are looking for a reputable Austin real estate photography service, contact us today at 154 Photography.

We offer commercial and residential real estate photography, and we strive to give you the highest quality service. Our team of professional photographers will help you give your potential buyers the best first impression of your listing.