Studies show that professionally photographed homes sell 32 percent faster than other homes. Yet, only 15 percent of listings include high-end photographs.

As a real estate professional, you want your listings viewed often and sold quickly. Incorporating top-quality photos is a crucial way to attract the right attention to your properties.

Read on to learn more about Houston real estate photography and why you should invest in this effective selling tool.

Less Talk, More Photos

Millennials ages 22-40 make up the majority of home buyers at 37 percent.

Homebuyers in this age bracket are visual people. They have grown up in the fast-paced digital world of instant gratification.

It’s no wonder that these buyers spend 60 percent of their time looking at the listing photos. It is proven that gorgeous, quality images increase visitor engagement.

If you want to grab the attention of online home shoppers, you need pictures that stand out.

Preparation Equals Potential

To achieve those interesting photographs, think like a buyer.

Potential homeowners want to imagine themselves in their new space. That will not happen if they see another family’s portrait hanging on the wall or dirty clothes on the floor.

Get the listing client involved and make those spaces photo-worthy. Tidy up, remove personal items, and minimize decor.

A little preparation provides a huge amount of potential.

Let the Light In

Throw open the curtains, open the windows, and turn off the lights.

The best choice of lighting for interiors is always natural light. A sunlit room provides depth and the feeling of what the space is like in person.

The right real estate photography job will occur at the prime time of day for the space. Midday is often ideal, but some interiors get the best light in the morning or afternoon.

A quality photographer can help determine the best shooting time for the home.

A Birds Eye View

Interior photos are important but don’t forget the home’s exterior.

Does your listing have major curb appeal? Is a large yard or a prime lot in the neighborhood one of the key selling points? We don’t have to tell you the importance of location!

Jump on the latest trend and show off your listing with aerial photography.

An experienced drone photographer can show the home from a new perspective. Highlight unique surroundings with this cutting-edge marketing trend.

The Big Picture

It may be tempting to snap a few photos with a smartphone, apply a filter, and pop them online.

But don’t sell yourself, or your clients, short.

Listings with photos taken by professional photographers earn $934 to $116,076 more than listings with DIY pictures. Pictures are worth thousands of dollars, not words.

Photographing real estate interiors is an art form. Invest in the best real estate photography Houston has to offer.

Choose the Best Houston Real Estate Photography

Stepping up your photo game results in major wins.

Shine the light on your listing’s potential with these listing photo tips. Professional Houston real estate photography attracts qualified buyers and sells homes.

At 154 Photography, we know that first impressions matter. Check out our services and contact us today.