A Supra Affiliate member, such as a photographer or inspector will need a CBS code to access a property that has a Supra lockbox.

To provide and access your CBS code, please follow the following simple instructions:


  1. Open your Supra eKEy app on your iPhone or Android
  2. Press on My Keyboxes
  3. Press the Keybox where you wish to obtain the CBS code
  4. Press on ‘Program Keybox’
  5. There you will have the CBS code for the lockbox.

Again as a photographer or even inspector, a CBS code is required for any MLS affiliates – who are non-members. Anyone who is able to access SUPRA without a CBS would be a licensed realtor and be your competition.

Once you get the CBS code, feel free to send it to our team at 154 Photography by calling or texting our office at 281-357-9900 or e-mailing our team at hello@154photography.com