Want to make a strong first impression with every listing? It starts with having professional photos. So much of the real estate “browsing” processes happens online these days, usually before a prospect reaches out to an agent. And when it comes to Houston real estate photography, you can maximize every photo by doing a little staging before the editing process.

Here’s a quick look at how you can stage your listing and maximize your Houston real estate photography shoot:

1. Stage for the Camera, Not the Viewer

The camera lens sees things a lot differently than the human eye. In many cases, things like furniture arrangement will look illogical or non-functional in real life, but appear spacious and well-lit in a photo.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to take a few test shots of each room to see what stands out. Sometimes, things like clutter, stains, or bulky items blend into the scenery but look drastically different in pictures. Remember, whatever you remove or change for the photos, you can always put back when we’re done.

2. Do a Deep Clean

Good real estate photography uses a lot of light (especially natural light), which can expose a home’s dirty secrets. It’s a good idea to give the home a good cleaning so that surfaces sparkle and windows look clean and clear in the photos. Any smudges, stains, or even dust will show up in your photos and make your home look darker and duller.

3. Furnish the Home

If you’ve already moved out and you’re trying to sell an empty home, it can be beneficial to rent furniture for your Houston real estate photography shoot. For starters, it makes your home look and feel more like a home than a house. Plus, it gives people an idea of what the home looks like when lived in. A blank canvas can be difficult to inspire.

After the shoot, you can always opt to remove the furniture.

4. Minimize the Contents

Decluttering is tough, especially when you’re still living in the home. For the sake of professional photos, though, you’ll want to remove as much as possible without making the space feel bare. People need a good representation of how much space your home offers, and this is best achieved with a minimalist approach. Even if it’s just for the photo shoot, remove as much as you can from each room without completely emptying it.

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If you want to make a great first impression to buyers and show your sellers you’re invested in their home sale, it pays to work with a professional Houston real estate photography service.

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